Prima Power adds Laser Genius+ to its 2D laser family

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The new system comes in 1530 and 2040 size in order to meet the production needs of a wide audience of customers. (Image: Prima Power Laserdyne)

Laser Genius+ is the latest addition in the Prima Power 2D laser family.

It is a highly productive and flexible fiber laser machine with reversible layout that can fit all customer’s environments without configuration compromise making Laser Genius+ suitable for all customer facilities and all kind of productions.

Laser Genius+ has a gantry architecture that grants high levels of thermal stability and vibration damping and high dynamics, thanks also to the motors and drive with compact dimension with more power per space and highest energy efficiency.

Laser Genius+ is a plug-and-play machine. The laser generator, chillers, motors, optics are integrated inside the integrated service module and ensure ease and speed of installation: just two days are enough to go from delivery to production in any factory.

It is available both in 1530 and 2040 size in order to meet the production needs of the widest audience of customers, while maintaining high performance in terms of dynamics, cutting quality and reliability regardless of the size of the machine.

It is designed to have the biggest axis strokes (3,150x1,600 mm for LG+1530 and 4,320x2,200 mm for LG+ 2040) of any other 2D laser machine on the market of the same size and has the best-in-class maximum processable workpiece weight of 1.150kg for the 1530 model and 2.000kg for the 2040 one.

All Laser Genius+ most significant components, such as the CNC, laser generator and machine mechanical structure are designed and developed by Prima Industrie Group granting the total control of laser process and top class reliability.







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