Pulsed fibre lasers

Spectra-Physics, a Newport company, has introduced two pulsed fibre lasers. VGEN-ISP-POD is an infrared short pulse MOPA (master oscillator power amplifier) fibre laser with pulse-on-demand (POD) capabilities for precision micromachining and marking applications, while VGEN-QS-HE-100 is a Q-switched high energy pulsed infrared fibre laser designed for high throughput metal processing applications such as drilling and deep engraving.

The pulse-on-demand capabilities at high repetition rates of the VGEN-ISP-POD allow the user to control each individual pulse, enabling high resolution raster/image marking and precise micromachining of fine structures. VGEN-ISP-POD also features a short pulse width of 1ns, high peak power of 40kW, and excellent beam quality for high speed and high quality results.

VGEN-QS-HE-100 delivers up to 100W average power and a high pulse energy of 1.5mJ with excellent beam quality. With low weight and small size, the laser is deployed easily in a wide range of precision industrial applications such as micromachining, fine processing, marking, engraving, and scribing.

Spectra-Physics’ fibre lasers are designed and tested to ensure long-life operation at low operational cost and are proven in demanding 24/7 manufacturing applications. Housed in a robust assembly that meets industrial standards and fitted with a metal armoured fibre cable, the lasers deliver a high quality, near diffraction-limited output beam.

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