QMmeltpool 3D

Concept Laser has presented a tool for position-related real-time monitoring and three-dimensional visualization. Using in-situ process monitoring systems based on an on-axis system it is possible to obtain information about defects during the build process. The next quality level with QMmeltpool 3D will be available from 2016 onwards for the M1 cusing and M2 cusing machines.

The QMmeltpool system uses coaxial sensors to detect melt pool emissions that are created during the fusing process in the form infrared radiation. The coaxial structure allows restriction to a small region of interest with a high local resolution and rapid scanning rates (up to 50kHz, depending on the detector type). This melt pool monitoring identifies two characteristic parameters: The melt pool area and melt pool intensity.

The practical added value of three-dimensional visualization with QMmeltpool 3D is not just that it is an original way of providing active quality assurance. In production and process development, component jobs can be optimized through iterative variation of the parameters. Support structures can be adapted, and above all, the design of the part can be structured in a more efficient and production-friendly manner. Last but not least, new possibilities are opened up in material research and validation of materials. In 2016, the quality module is to be made available for M1 cusing and M2 cusing machines.


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