Road Runner polygon scanner

Precision Laser Scanning has increased the speed limit of its polygon scanners. For many years, 55,000 rpm was the maximum speed of polygon scanning. Users had requirements to run faster, but there were limits on how fast an air bearing motor carrying a practical sized polygon mirror could go.

The Road Runner polygon scanner reaches 70,000 rpm with a quiet design. A sealed optical window keeps in the noise. Sealing the mirror housing also keeps out contamination, prolonging the service life of the optic. Rated for 200,000 start/stop cycles or 50,000 hours, the 70,000 rpm air bearing scanner has a long life.

Biomedical applications include ultrafast laser guidance, as well as optical coherence tomography, microscopy, swept source, and ophthalmology.

The standard model has a 72 facet polygon with an inscribed diameter of 64mm and is 6.35mm thick. Custom models are available on request.

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