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Scannect tyre marking solution

4Jet Technologies has developed a novel laser marking process that can engrave an individual data matrix code in tyre sidewalls. The high contrast engraving can be read using public domain apps available for Apple iOS or Android devices.

The Scannect solution – short for ‘scan and connect’ – allows producers to trace tyres through their life cycle.

Marking is performed by the latest version of 4Jet’s line of T-Mark systems that are widely used in new tyre and retread tyre manufacturing. Compared to conventional laser marking, which only leaves a low contrast mark on the black tyre surface, the Scannect process creates a deep black mark on the bottom of the engraving, providing enough contrast to be read with cameras in mobile devices.

The solution means manufacturers can get to know their end-customers and address them with specific marketing campaigns. It also allows OE car tyre manufacturers to employ QR codes as a means of assuring traceability and reducing the impact of product recalls; commercial fleet managers can use laser markings to organise inventory, track usage and prevent theft; and end customers can retrieve valuable technical and commercial information about their tyre specifications.

The process, comprising special optics, laser parameters and control software integrated in 4Jet’s standard marking systems is now commercially available.

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