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SeamLine Pro

Trumpf has developed the SeamLine Pro, a weld monitoring system that senses the seam welding point, the beam spot and the weld itself at the same time.

The measurement system contains a CMOS camera located almost coaxially to the laser beam, which detects the welding gap 2mm before the beam reaches the welding point. At the same time, it senses the focus spot during the process. The system adjusts the optical welding elements to align the beam spot with the welding gap.

The gap and the beam spot are sensed by the same camera, eliminating parallax error and the need for compensation adjustment. This feature is beneficial when initiating a new process, when the optics change due to thermal effects or after a mirror has been replaced.

SeamLine Pro readjusts the focal point automatically to keep it congruent with the welding gap, reducing the amount of material and time consumed after any external intervention.

Following the process, the welding bead, height and width, and the offset at the edges are measured. Warning and intervention boundaries inform the operator about changes in the welding results. They can stop the entire system, preventing the production of rejects.

SeamLine Pro is autonomous and requires only a simple interface to the machine itself. It can be integrated into the Trumpf Telepresence concept for remote operation.

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