SLM Solutions launches new €25m future-oriented headquarters

Metal additive manufacturing firm SLM Solutions has opened a new €25m modern competence centre as its new headquarters in Lübeck-Genin, Germany. The centre will provide optimal general conditions for future innovations, higher production capacities and further growth. 

Two and a half years ago, SLM Solutions made the decision to build the new headquarters at a different location in Lübeck, having previously been based with its predecessor companies in the city since 1957

The competence centre was constructed on an area 70,000m² with 10,000m² of office space, a hall area of 15,000 m² and plenty of space for its over 360 employees. The optimal infrastructure, a direct connection to the highway and, ultimately also enough space for further expansion of the fast-growing company tipped the scales in favour of the site.

With its new headquarters, SLM Solutions is going to push ahead with the further development of metal-based additive manufacturing, creating numerous new jobs in the process. The company has hired more than 200 new employees in recent years. IT specialists and software developers as well as mechanical engineers are particularly sought.

‘In times of change in manufacturing technology, in which the competitive environment with new technologies is becoming more and more complex and the rate of innovations is increasing tremendously, offering young skilled workers an attractive employer with future viability and a modern competence centre such as our new company headquarters is crucial for the future and innovation ability of our company,’ Uwe Bögershausen, CFO of SLM Solutions, said.

Chairman of the supervisory board Hans-Joachim Ihde cut the ribbon for the future-oriented location in Schleswig-Holstein together with the executive board and Lübeck's mayor at the festive opening ceremony. ‘We have achieved something very remarkable in a short time, and are shaping our future today with our employees from more than 40 countries,’ Ihde commented.


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