Solukon releases new SPR-Pathfinder depowdering software

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Geometries produced by the LPBF process are increasingly complex. This poses a challenge to users during depowdering: it is not obvious how the component must be moved so that the excess powder inside the part can be removed. 

This is where Solukon’s new SPR-Pathfinder software comes into play. It analyses the geometry of a part and calculates the required movement pattern.

The software is usable on Solukon’s SFM-AT800-S and SFM-AT1000-S machines.

Capable of removing excess powder from complex internal structures after a build, SPR-Pathfinder uses the build job’s CAD file to calculate – based the part’s digital twin – the ideal depowdering motion sequence. The individually calculated motion sequence is then read by the Solukon system, which in turn runs the programmed paths. This ensures that even the most complex parts can be cleaned without any human programming effort.







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