Spirit One 1040-8

Spectra-Physics has introduced Spirit One 1040-8, a compact, industrial femtosecond laser. Combining power supply and laser head in a single rugged and compact package, the laser is easy to integrate into machine tools and systems, and delivers stability and long term reliability. The laser is perfect for high precision applications including microsurgery, femtosecond micromachining, and medical device manufacturing.

Spirit One 1040-8 provides 8W average power and 40µJ pulse energy at 1,040nm, with repetition rates up to 1MHz. A second harmonic generation (SHG) option is available for software selectable 520nm or 1,040nm output. The laser offers process flexibility with an adjustable pulse duration option, allowing the user to chose pulse durations from 400fs to 4ps. A picosecond model, Spirit One ps 1040-10, is also available with 13ps pulse width, 10W output power, and 50µJ pulse energy.

Spirit One integrates laser head and power supply into a single lightweight and compact unit. The laser includes an integrated pulse picker for fast pulse selection and power control for high process throughput.

The two new Spirit One lasers build on the proven Spirit and Spirit One industrial laser platforms, and have passed extensive environmental qualification testing to ensure high reliability. Fully automated and computer controlled, the laser has excellent beam pointing stability during continuous operation.


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