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SST to distribute laser machines from Synova

SST, a North American distributor of premium machinery brands, tooling and EDM supplies, announced an exclusive agreement with Synova to distribute Synova's unique Laser MicroJet (LMJ) M-series of 3 and 5-axes machines through its extensive sales channel. In addition to sales distribution, the partnership also extends to technical and after-sales support. Other machine models, such as the L-Series will also be offered.

The Laser MicroJet® technology enables substantial reduction of total cost of ownership in high-precision material processing. The unique water guided laser beam cuts and drills perfectly parallel and clean kerfs or holes with virtually no heat impact. As a consequence, production yields are greatly improved. Post-Laser process steps are frequently eliminated, translating into parts produced at a level of quality and reliability that cannot be achieved by other manufacturing techniques.

The MCS 500, a 5-axis system, offers unique benefits to hole-drillers, as well as those micro-machining metals, ceramics and composite materials with high precision. Applications cut across a wide range of market segments, such as Aerospace, Energy (Industrial Gas Turbines), Defense, Medical, Automotive, Hard Material Tool Making, and General Metal Micro-Machining.

Using water to guide the laser to a given workpiece has the following advantages:

Water Guides the Laser - The application becomes insensitive to the focal plane of the laser. A cylindrical laser beam is created resulting in perfectly parallel walls, tight kerf widths and enabling the user to cut thick or non-flat parts, without having to worry about being in focus.

Water Cools the Material - Heat is generated during laser ablation. When using a conventional laser system, a significant amount of the laser energy is absorbed by the surrounding material, creating an unwanted heat-affected zone. With an LMJ, much of the energy dissipates into the water and not in the material. There is very little heat-affected zone with the LMJ. Stress-induced conditions such as micro-cracking, thermal damage or deformation are greatly reduced.

Water Cleans the Surface - When using a conventional laser, a portion of a laser-ablated material tends to redeposit and solidify, creating an unwanted slag condition. With the LMJ, the water displaces that material before it solidifies, translating into a much cleaner entrance, wall and exit surfaces without particle deposition or burrs.

The base MCS platform is manufactured by Makino. The partnership will now extend to sales and after-sales support. Machines are available in a 3-axis or 5-axis configuration. At present, Makino has developed two sizes of the MCS platform, the MCS 300 and the MCS 500. Other sizes for larger work pieces will be considered in the future.

"Our collaboration with Makino started in 2009 and has evolved ever since. We are very energized by this extension now to sales, distribution and after-sales services", says Dr. Bernold Richerzhagen, Synova Founder and CEO.

Mark Logan, Director of Makino/SST, adds "the Laser MicroJet offers unique laser cutting capabilities that complement well our extensive machining and engineering portfolios. For example, coupling it with our EDBV series of EDM machines enable users to drill a complete blade with optimum output, including the drilling of non-line-of-sight holes. We look forward to the opportunity to introduce this technology to our customers.

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