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StarCut Tube SL autoloader

At Medtec 2016 (Hall 7, booth C17) ROFIN showcases new solutions developed in close cooperation with leading medical device manufacturers. From April 12th to 14th the laser specialist not only presents the new autoloader for the StarCut Tube SL but also integrated systems for all aspects of laser material processing in medical device manufacturing, like CNC- and joystick-controlled fine welding with MPS and Select and efficient marking solutions for traceability of medical devices.

New compact autoloader for StarCut Tube SL

The new autoloader is a direct result of ROFIN’s long-term cooperation with leading manufacturers of medical devices, endoscopes, stents and hypotubes. The space-saving system has been specifically designed for automated handling of flexible tubes with diameters from 0.3 to 1 mm (optionally 4 mm). Typical cutting times for hypotubes are less than a minute, which requires frequent reloading of sensitive tube material.

The length-adjustable storage container accommodates several hundred tubes. A pneumatic/magnetic operating gripper picks up each tube and transfers it to the StarCut Tube processing system. Finished parts will be unloaded and deposited by another gripper on the right side. As the autoloader and the StarCut Tube SL both require very little floorspace, an area of 3.2 x 1 mm is big enough to accommodate two complete laser processing systems with automatic parts loading.

The new autoloader not only supports cutting processes but also dramatically improves throughput of selective ablation of guidewire or hypotube coatings. 

Precision cutting of implants and instruments

ROFIN’s MPS workstations follow a modular concept and feature highprecision motion systems, making them a perfect choice for various laser material processing applications. The new preconfigured variant for precision flat cutting meets the need for flexible cutting solutions for thin metal sheets and foils. It offers outstanding surface quality when cutting scalpels and saws as well as minuscule Nitinol structures. 

Versatile marking solution for implementing UDI guidelines

Since the end of 2014 certain medical devices sold on the U.S. market already have to bear the „Unique Device Identification“ UDI. In the near future the labeling obligation will cover virtually all medical products and UDI will be required for the European market as well.

Medical device manufacturers will have to look for cost-efficient and flexible marking solutions to comply with their extended labeling obligations. With EasyMark, CombiLine Basic and CombiLine Basic RT ROFIN offers cost-efficient and powerful marking solutions for medium to big lot sizes. Automatic doors or a rotary index table facilitate parts loading and unloading. A comprehensive choice of ROFIN laser sources for marking and micro material processing (end-pumped, air-cooled sources, fiber and short-pulse pulse lasers) helps to find the optimum setup for each individual application. 

Performance Unlimited: free access, laser class I compliant working area

Another close cooperation with a world leading manufacturer of instruments and endoscopes led to the development of the new Performance Unlimited. A laser class I manual welding laser with freely accessible working area, safeguarded by a textile curtain and a rocking hand rest. This offers maximum freedom when processing long or bulky parts, which are frequently used in manufacturing surgical instruments or endoscopes. The Performance Unlimited renders additional laser safety precautions redundant. Besides its workstations, optimized for manual welding, ROFIN offers a comprehensive range of partlyautomated solutions to meet every requirement profile. Starting with the Select, a manual laser welding workstation with integrated CNC to the MPS, a semi-automated all-in-one system. 

Process know-how, laser technology and mechanical engineering from one source

ROFIN always considers the laser process to be part of a comprehensive solution. Frequently, this requires more than an optimum laser system but also customer-tailored workholding devices and efficient solutions for parts loading and removal. ROFIN is one of the few worldwide operating laser manufacturers which covers all relevant competence areas. Additionally ROFIN’s application engineers will help with the evaluation and development of applications upon request. This is how excellent laser systems lead to best-of-breed solutions for medical device manufacturing, supported by world-wide, local service presence.

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