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Synova introduces new laser machining centre with five-axis capability

Synova has introduced a new laser machining centre, the LCS 305, which has full five-axis capability in processing complex 3D geometries with exceptional accuracy and speed. Applications targeted include the machining of industrial diamond employed in toolmaking as well as various composite materials used in aviation. The LCS 305 uses Synova’s water jet guided Laser MicroJet (LMJ) technology which combines the advantages of water jet and laser cutting in a single operation. The LMJ ‘wet laser’ technology cools workpieces while efficiently washing away debris. The water jet maintains the laser’s focus creating a cylindrical laser beam that results in parallel walls and tight kerf widths. It is the ideal laser process for machining parts without affecting their material structure. The LCS 305 is a complete CNC system that includes the SynovaCut 5.0 CAD/CAM software and SmartFactory functions such as an integrated laser power meter, positioning sensor and automatic jet angle correction.

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