At Photonics West, Spectra-Physics introduced Talon, a new family of UV and green Q-switched diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers that takes cost-performance to new levels. The laser offers: >12W UV power, >240µJ pulse energy and a repetition-rate range of 0 to 500kHz.

Talon enables new micromachining applications that require a low cost-of-ownership with no compromise in performance. It is suitable for applications such as PCB cutting and drilling, semiconductor, LED and ceramic scribing, thin-film patterning of ITO and solar cells, and glass cutting and drilling.

Available in >12 and >6W UV and >20W green versions, Talon is an ‘It’s in the Box’ laser, combining power supply and laser head into a single rugged package, making it easy to integrate into machine tools and onto gantry systems.

Talon has passed extensive environmental qualification testing. Each laser is subjected to rigorous production tests to ensure reliability for operation in demanding 24/7 applications.

Due to the modified TO-5 housing with a diameter of approximately 5mm, the H0 series APD receivers can be integrated into small systems with which, for example, distances can be measured or small light signals detected.


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