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Top-Hat Cube

Diffractive optical elements for generation of top-hat intensity profiles are becoming increasingly common in applications such as scanning and material processing for uniform illumination and surface treatment. Traditionally, the performances of top-hat DOEs are highly sensitive to both wavelength and alignment and require focussing or collimating optics after the element.

Technological advancements at Laser Components’ partner Holo/OR have made possible a single polychromatic element which converts a Gaussian beam to a collimated top-hat. The 25x25x25mm fused silica cube is simple to align, compact and lightweight. Suitable for 3mm input beam diameter and all wavelengths between 320nm and 2000nm, the top-hat CUBE will produce a collimated, uniform intensity output at distances over 300mm. Output shapes can be specified as square, round, line or custom.

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