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TruLaser 3030 update

The TruLaser 3030 continues to prove a reliable and flexible workhorse for many UK manufacturers and in its latest version, this flatbed laser cutting machine introduces new functionality.  Indeed, it has been upgraded both inside and out to provide even greater operational ease and optimal cutting results. Also new is the TRUMPF Fusion Cut Performance Package that preserves edge quality when cutting at speed.

The single cutting head system that characterises this and other TruLaser machines now includes optional nozzle changer and automatic beam alignment. This means that not only does the machine process the entire range of sheet thicknesses with the same cutting head but also with minimum unproductive time. New linear drive technology also optimises productivity.

When equipped with a 5kW laser, sheets up to 25mm can be processed and this diversity can be further enhanced with BrightLine fiber.  Thanks to this technology, which has again been upgraded, users achieve excellent edge quality when cutting thick material, such as stainless steel. So they can quickly change from highly productive thin to high quality thick sheet processing on just one machine.

The clean lines, ergonomic construction and super-simple operating concept of the TruLaser 3030 has already earned it an iF Design Award and TRUMPF has since built on this achievement. The latest model is even more compact and includes an integrated pallet changer for sheet exchange in seconds, a conveyor for the removal of slag and small parts to reduce idle time; various other modular automation options are also available.

Another notable addition is the Drop & Cut function which helps to make repeat jobs more cost effective and allows the easy use of residual sheets.  Using Drop & Cut, operators are presented with a live image of the machine interior on the control unit, via which they can virtually drag the programmed contour onto the sheet.

Also new is the dot matrix code function on the TruLaser 3030 which allows parts to be effectively marked with a standardised industrial code.

Performance package

Often, cutting speed has to be compromised for the sake of edge quality and vice versa.  But with the new Fusion Cut Performance Package manufacturers can have the best of both worlds.

Users of either TruLaser 3000 and 5000 Series solid state flatbed laser machines can now take a quality leap and extract more productivity in thin and medium sheet thicknesses with this introduction.

The package provides all the hardware and software necessary to create smaller holes, complex shapes and sharper edges at higher speed.  A significant advantage of fusion cutting is that cut edges are oxide free and do not require any rework.

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