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TruMicro 2000

Trumpf has introduced the TruMicro Series 2000, to extend its TruMicro Series of short and ultra-short solid state lasers. These series of lasers have pulse durations of 20 picoseconds, deliver ten microjoules of pulse energy and have an average output power of 10W at high brilliance.

The TruMicro 2000 can ablate thin film layers made from plastics just 100nm thick. It is also suitable for black marking on anodised aluminium, typically on smart phones and tablets. The beam generated passes through the anodised layer and causes a change of colour in the metal, while the material’s surface remains untouched.

Each individual picosecond pulse generated by the TruMicro 2000 is monitored from generation to delivery via an external modulator. As a result, output power and pulse energy are kept at exact levels regardless of external influences. A patented Trumpf double feedback loop system ensures that the specified power level is delivered to the workpiece.

These lasers are small and have a choice of control options which allow them to be easily integrated into production lines. Variations operating in the infrared or green wavelengths extend the user’s choice in terms of focusing ability and the required absorption properties.

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