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Trumpf introduces new programming software for laser tube cutting machines

Trumpf has developed a new programming software for laser tube cutting machines called “Programming Tube”. The software executes many work steps automatically, so that for many finished parts, no additional programming effort is required. The intuitive way of working ensures that users get used to the system quickly.

3D design made simple

Programming Tube supports files in all common formats and enables the upload and construction of tubes and complete assemblies. When it comes to assemblies, the software programs bent connections at the touch of a button. These connections replace constructions that normally consist of several individual tubes. Connection and positioning aids between the tubes can also be implemented at the touch of a button. These aids help to simplify subsequent production steps, e.g. assembly or welding, prevent errors and save costs.

Generate NC programs automatically

Programming Tube provides an extremely rapid method of programming tubes in 3D. Once the design process is complete, the software performs the programming process automatically. The software makes life easier for programmers by automatically determining how the laser tube cutting machine should eject parts and tap threads. Programming Tube creates the NC program from the thread parameters, including the necessary tools and the correct processing sequence. The way of working is intuitive. Instead of typing parameters into a dialogue field, they can now be adjusted directly on the 3D simulated part by simply using the mouse – which is less complicated. Users can also move the approach position of the laser with the help of the mouse. Additional modifications can be incorporated in the 3D simulation of the machining process if necessary.

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