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Trumpf unveils TruFiber 2000 at Lasys

Trumpf exhibited the newest addition to its TruFiber series - the TruFiber 2000 - for the first time at the Lasys trade fair in Stuttgart at the start of the month. 

The new system offers a compact laser design, flexible interfaces to all common fieldbus systems, and the maximum laser safety rating with Performance Level 'e', making it easy to integrate. Other helpful features include integrated laser power control in real time for even more reliable process results, the option of incorporating a compressor cooling system in the laser cabinet, and cooling of peripheral components via the beam source.

The TruFiber 2000 generates perfect single-mode output, enabling very small focal diameters with high power densities. The system is an excellent choice not only for welding processes with linear feed, but also wobbling welding, a technique that involves oscillation overlaid with forward motion of the beam. The process offers improvements in weld seam quality as well as flexible adjustment of the weld seam width. The very high beam quality in this case yields greater penetration depth without having to increase laser power.

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