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TruPlasma RF Series 1000 and RF 3006 range

Reproducible plasma processes are the key to consistent results in applications such as the manufacture of semiconductor elements, microchips, solar cells and flat screens.  Thanks to their stable power output and high level of control precision, TRUMPF RF generators offer the best conditions to achieve this consistency and now they have been further optimised for even better performance. 

Models in the TruPlasma RF Series 1000 and TruPlasma RF 3006 range are now equipped with additional features to ensure even higher process stability, increased efficiency and simple system integration.

‘Smart’ Auto Frequency Tuning
As a result of CombineLine, the tried and tested TRUMPF RF coupling technology which is unique to the market, TRUMPF RF generators already guarantee an extraordinarily stable power supply.  Nevertheless, new technology has boosted that stability even more.  By comparison with alternatives, the integrated ‘smart’ auto frequency tuning feature does not follow the trial-and-error method.  Instead it intelligently adjusts the process for optimal results.

More efficient, robust and flexible
TRUMPF RF generators are known for their high efficiency of up to 80%, made possible by the innovative Class D converter topology.  They offer a reduction in power loss of up to 50% by comparison with the market standards, so costs are substantially lower.  This quality has now been enhanced by a fanless cooling concept that not only reduces the demand for cooling water, but also allows for maintenance-free operation and lower downtime. 

Another technological development of the new generators is their wide-ranging power supply of 200 to 480 Volts.  This makes it easier to adapt to voltages in different markets and ensures a smooth installation anywhere in the world.

Concept development
The new TruPlasma Match Series 1000 matchboxes represent the perfect solution for impedance adjustment and are an ideal addition to the TRUMPF RF generators.  Equipped with an innovative signal processing solution, the generators guarantee fast, stable and reproducible adjustment even in the most difficult processes.  The advanced software, as well as improved communication with the generator, ensure optimal interaction within the entire RF power delivery system.

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