UHSS laser deflection system

Raylase has released its UHSS laser deflection system with speeds of 200m/sec.

The Raylase UHSS enables companies to scan their usual work areas quickly and very precisely. For example, companies can use an F-theta lens with a focal length of f = 254mm to scan a field measuring 160mm x 160mm.These capabilities open up new applications such as perforation, cutting and scribing at high speeds.

The system reduces production times − for example, the UHSS takes 0.3 to 0.6 seconds to open the passivation layer on a solar wafer, compared with 2 to 4 seconds for conventional systems.

The system combines a precise polygon with two galvanometer scanners that have a low level of drift. The polygon scanner provides high speed along its scan path. One of the galvanometer scanners is used for corrections in the polygon scan path. The other galvanometer scanner scans the second path while correcting field distortions.



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