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ULO Optics continues its growth strategy by appointing a new business development manager

As part of ULO Optics commitment to a program of growth through diversification they have recently announced a new addition to their team; welcoming Stuart McCulloch as their new Business Development Manager overseeing the expansion of ULO products into the 1µm, fiber laser compatible arena. 

Stuart joins ULO with over 9 years’ experience in the fiber laser field, most recently having held positions at the fiber laser manufacturer ‘SPI Lasers’ working across both Product Management and Business Development units. Prior to this Stuart spent a number of years working for the laser integrator ‘Thinklaser’. 

As the material processing market moves from CO2 to fiber ULO is replicating the many years of success in CO2 by leading the drive to make sophisticated beam delivery equipment much more affordable for the 1µm market for fiber lasers but with the key aim of avoiding any compromise in quality. 

John Barton, Managing Director for ULO stated: “For over 30 years ULO have been known for their expertise in CO2 optics and have manufactured many specialised optics for use with fiber lasers. Stuart’s appointment will expand our skill base, ensuring we are structured to offer the highest standards of customer service, which is particularly important as we continue the drive to maximise production of our full range of standard and customised 1µm products.”

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