ULT 1500 and ULT 2500

Fume extraction for laser systems - ULT AGULT AG, vendor of extraction and filtration technology for airborne pollutants, introduces its next generation systems ULT 1500 and ULT 2500. The units have been designed for removal and filtration of hazardous substances in dust, laser fume and welding smoke. They are based on an ideally configured device and filter concept that provides users critical space and cost benefits within their production lines.

Both systems appeal through the utilisation of conic filter cartridges, which enable increased filter performance and better cleanability due to their geometry.

Easy dust discharge is another decisive benefit, because dust deposits are collected directly in a 70 l removal container for low contamination disposal. 

ULT 1500 and ULT 2500 can be flexibly adapted to various process conditions for extraction and filtration of dust, welding fume or laser smoke. It is possible to select the extraction position, i.e. raw gas intake can be executed on the systems’ right or left sides, which means variable installation conditions.

Furthermore, both systems feature an optional swing check valve to protect pipelines against pollution by possible dirt pushback, and consequently, filter cartridges against premature wear.

Because of their small footprints, the units can be perfectly utilised in limited spaces and, therefore, help to save valuable production floor. This efficiency is optimized by front access to the systems.

Rotary nozzle dedusting additionally reduces compressed air consumption and hence energy expenses.

Filtered air can be fed back to the working area, avoiding heat loss.

The newly developed systems have been designed for extraction and filtration of hazardous substances originating from welding and laser processes, and for dedusting technology.


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