Unilase set for growth through DPSS lasers

Unilase, a London based company in the UK, is set for growth by developing and supplying DPSS lasers and amplifier modules that promise to deliver high performance at a competitive price. The company is steered by Dr Ara Minassian, the company’s founder and CTO and photonics business veteran Dennis Camilleri who has joined the board as chief executive.

‘We are confident that Unilase products will deliver significant technological advantage in a compact footprint that is becoming more critical in many industrial laser manufacturing applications. Our ability to provide Q-switched, high power and high beam quality laser sources with ultra wide pulse repetition rates will offer our customers the option to fulfil their laser manufacturing requirements with fewer sources. The company also plans to launch stand-alone DPSS laser amplifier modules capable of taking output of low power seed lasers to tens of watts’ said Dr Ara Minassian.

‘There is a growing trend in the laser industry in outsourcing of innovative laser solutions to keep up with demanding market requirements. Large corporations are collaborating with expert agile suppliers who can help them accelerate their product roadmaps. Several OEMs are talking to the company with a view to securing early sales’ said Dennis Camilleri.

Unilase is wholly-owned by its management team and private Investors who supplied seed capital. The company is at the point of testing its prototypes prior to final manufacture and market launch.


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