VGEN-G-HE green fibre lasers

Spectra-Physics introduces VGEN-G-HE, a new line of high energy green fiber lasers.  The new air-cooled lasers deliver double the pulse energy and peak power of previous green fiber lasers.  With excellent beam quality and adjustable pulse widths, VGEN-G-HE is ideal for 24/7 manufacturing of PC boards, ceramics, batteries, solar cells, touch screen displays, and other devices and materials. 

“The flexibility, high performance and proven reliability of our green fiber lasers are enabling new applications and capabilities in precision manufacturing of mobile devices, solar cells and many other products,” says Eran Inbar, general manager of Spectra-Physics Tel Aviv. “These new advanced lasers expand our industry-leading portfolio of pulsed fiber lasers and further demonstrate the strength of our fiber laser technical capability.”

VGEN-G-HE delivers >200 µJ pulse energy and >20 kW peak power at 532 nm and are available in >10 W and >20 W versions.  With software adjustable pulse widths from 2 to 20 ns and repetition rates from 50 to 700 kHz, the new lasers offer flexible performance in an air-cooled package for optimal micromachining processes in volume manufacturing.

Spectra-Physics also introduces a higher power version of its VGEN-ISP-POD pulse-on-demand pulsed IR (infrared) fiber lasers.  With >30 W output power, the new laser provides high throughput combined with user control of each individual pulse, enabling high resolution raster/image marking and precise micromachining of fine structures.

Spectra-Physics’ fiber lasers are designed and tested to ensure long-life operation at low operational cost and are proven in demanding 24/7 manufacturing applications. Housed in a robust assembly that meets industrial standards and fitted with a metal armored fiber cable, Spectra-Physics’ fiber lasers deliver a high quality, near diffraction-limited output beam.


By Dave MacLellan, Executive Director, AILU


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