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Videojet Technologies introduces line of fume extractors for laser marking systems

Videojet Technologies has introduced a line of fume extractors for use with its laser marking systems.

They feature a digital operating system and interface, and real-time analytical data, including downloadable performance and operating parameters.

Customers that have deployed any Videojet laser marking systems can take advantage of the new Videojet Xtract range.

From improving uptime by keeping the laser lens clean, to helping maintain safe operator working conditions, the new range includes solutions for both light and heavy-duty marking operations:

  • Videojet Xtract Lite: a compact and competitively priced fume extraction system for light-duty laser marking and engraving
  • Videojet Xtract Pro: a technically advanced laser fume extractor combining a powerful range of features into one compact unit
  • Videojet Xtract PVC: an ideal solution for laser marking on PVC materials. All internally exposed surfaces have been coated to resist the corrosive nature of the fumes generated
  • Videojet Xtract Max: a high-end extraction system that combines an extremely large filter capacity with high airflow and pressure rates, making it ideal for many heavy-duty applications that generate large amounts of particulate and gaseous organic compounds.

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