VXmodel, Go!Scan 50 and 20, and HandyScan 700 and 300

Creaform has launched its new VXmodel software, released two new versions of its Go!Scan white light 3D scanner, and updated its HandyScan 3D laser scanner.

The VXmodel software is fully integrated with VXelements, Creaform’s 3D software platform. This eliminates the need for design professionals to open, learn and use third-party software for most applications. With VXmodel acting as an integrated bridge, users have all the tools they need to prepare their 3D-Scan files for CAD or 3D-print solutions in one intuitive application.

Both new versions of the Go!Scan 3D scanner, The Go!Scan 50 and 20, provide portable, fast, and reliable 3D measurements. The Go!SCAN 50 was designed to measure the shape of medium to larger parts and offers optimal flexibility. The Go!SCAN 20 delivers maximum resolution and is designed for use with smaller objects with intricate details, making it the useful for 3D printers.

The new HandyScan 3D laser scanners are 40 per cent more accurate and 25 times faster than the previous generation. The Truaccuracy feature ensures accurate measurements in real life operating conditions. The metrology-grade HandyScan 300 and 700 models can be operational in less than two minutes, and the automatic mesh output allows for files to be useable as soon as data acquisition is complete.


By Dave MacLellan, Executive Director, AILU


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