YW52 welding head

At the Lasys show, Precitec presented the YW52 welding head with controlled weld position and weld seam width.

The integrated ScanTracker uses the welding optics to coaxially measure the joint in lateral and axial direction only a few millimetres in front of the TCP. The position acquired is immediately transferred to the controllable deflection mirror and a preselected scan amplitude and frequency is then overlaid.

 The welding head is fully autonomous and controls the laser spot in two dimensions without additional axes to the joint. The minimum pre-process times − less than one tenth of a second – and the optimal distribution of the energy input per unit length over the weld seam width guarantee short cycle times in a fully optimised process.

The Scan Tracker is well suited for applications with different weld seams or larger modifications. The seam widening is freely adjustable over an analogue interface and needs no additional control. To avoid intensity peaks at the reversal points a synchronous laser power control is available, it can realise freely selectable power profiles.


By Dave MacLellan, Executive Director, AILU


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