Press Releases

Gooch & Housego manufactures a range of Fiber coupled Acousto-Optic devices for use in pulsed fiber laser amplifier systems, and has now produced visible wavelength versions for microscopy and instrumentation applications. The G&H Visible Wavelength Fiber-Q is based on the company’s infra-red fibre coupled products and incumbent visible free space solutions.

Laser 2000 has introduced the Hybrid Hexapod from ALIO Industries. With the combination of serial and parallel kinematic axes, it is possible to achieve high precision and dynamic, as well as a flexible combination of travel ranges and dimensions

Bystronic has added two functionalities to its BySprint Fiber laser machines to increase periods of unattended running

Technifor has expanded its laser offering by integrating a new technology: the TG400 green laser. The new solution permits marking of materials that do not interact with other classic laser equipment

IPG Photonics has introduced the IX-200-F, a fibre laser micromachining system for general purpose, R&D and batch-scale production applications.

Trumpf has introduced the TruMark 6350 laser marking system. Because it operates in the UV wavelength, it can be used in applications not covered by markers using infrared or green light

Concept Laser and the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) have developed the X line 1000R for additive manufacturing of metals. It features a large build envelope and a 1kW laser with optics developed by the ILT

4Jet Technologies has developed a novel laser marking process that can engrave an individual data matrix code in tyre sidewalls. The high contrast engraving can be read using public domain apps available for Apple iOS or Android devices.

The Scannect solution – short for ‘scan and connect’ – allows producers to trace tyres through their life cycle.

Photonics Industries has released a UV nanosecond laser (the DSH-355-25) that delivers up to 30W of intracavity harmonic average power at 355nm from a compact, rugged, monolithic laser head.

Photonics Industries’s patented intracavity UV generation is based on non-consumable THG crystals with no crystal indexing required. It allows for a simpler optical resonator for better stability, insensitive to ambient temperature changes. The more efficient harmonic conversions enables lighter weight/smaller form factor laser heads that can be mounted on movable platforms.

Ophir Photonics has announced the newest version of BeamGage, BeamTrack, BeamWatch, and coatings for high power laser sensors