Laser Quantum

Application overview: 

Lasers are simply a source of bright light with specific properties. With the exception of light shows the laser beam itself forms part of a more complex piece of equipment that utilises one or more of the lasers properties to perform the application.

Laser Quantum knows that our lasers are used in many different areas of industrial and scientific research and understanding the needs of each of these applications is essential to researching and designing lasers that have the performance characteristics suited to each applications demand. From Raman spectroscopy to Ti:Sapphire oscillator pumping, Super-resolution nanoscopy to military applications, Laser Quantum can offer the right laser with the characteristics needed to exceed the demands put on them.

Company overview: 

Laser Quantum exists to provide excellent laser technology to the world’s photonics community by insisting upon knowledge, passion and integrity from our employees and reliability, worthiness and quality from our products.

Our purpose is to be the premier global supplier of laser technology through our ability to build unambiguous and sincere relationships with customers who rely upon us to deliver the laser solutions they seek. We always judge ourselves through the eyes of our customers.

Since the formation of Laser Quantum, we have been committed to the continuous improvement of ourselves, our products and our processes. This has led to great developments in the performance of both our products and the support we can offer to our customers. Our focus on continuous improvement and the needs of our customers still drives all our business decisions.

Formed in the 1990s by PhD physicists from two different Research Groups, the University of Manchester, England and the University of Konstanz, Germany, Laser Quantum now brings together the knowledge, experience and technology in the manufacture of solid state lasers with the expertise and innovation of the femtosecond oscillator market of Gigaoptics GmbH.



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78467 Konstanz

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Emery Court, Vale Road
Stockport, Cheshire

+44 161 9755309

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