Handheld laser cleaning devices are a popular choice in industry for delivering the beam to the workpiece. (Image: Shutterstock/Surasak_Photo)

The basics of laser cleaning

The basics of laser cleaning, the systems involved, and the benifts it offers over conventional cleaning techniques

Handheld laser welding offers: low running costs; minimal set up requirements; ease of use; highly efficient, fast and flexible processing in spatially challenging environments; minimal consumables and post-processing requirements; and most importantly, high-quality welds of both similar and dissimilar materials of different types and thicknesses.

IPG Photonics introduces new handheld laser welder/cleaner model

The LightWELD XR system delivers laser welding and cleaning in one handheld system

Handheld laser welding systems promise flexibility in processing, but present numerous hazards that must be dealt with before they can be used safely. (Shutterstock/Dizfoto)

Questioning the safety of handheld laser welding

Matthew Dale asks experts whether this emerging application poses any risks to the user

Laser Photonics develops laser characteristics standards

Laser Photonics Corp (LP) a manufacturer of industrial laser equipment, has developed a laser characteristics matching system that sets standards for measuring the performance of industrial laser materials processing equipment.

This industry first is designed to take the mystery out of choosing the right laser to achieve desired results in industrial materials processing.

Laser pulses can be used to heat metals and obtain an ultra-thin film of metal oxides that exhibit light interference effects to generate different colours. (Image: ITMO University)

Handheld 'laser paintbrush' to enable drawing on metallic surfaces

The tool's colour palette of over 20 colours and shades can be expanded due to the variability and accuracy of laser parameters








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