A laser enclosure containing a robot designed to build propellers.

Modern challenges in laser safety

Lasermet’s David Lawton opens Matthew Dale’s eyes on the latest issues faced in ensuring laser safety for materials processing

Why welders & laser welding operators need to be aware of the risks of hexavalent chromium exposure

Welding and Laser Welding fumes are more dangerous than many people think. Exposure to fumes from these processes is a common source of work-related illness.

Hexavalent chromium is one of those dangerous heavy metals that exist in welding fumes. If you or your employees are exposed to welding fumes, understanding the risks of exposure to hexavalent chromium and other similar heavy metals is absolutely paramount.

Lightening the load

Matthew Dale reports on ICALEO 2019, where experts highlighted the emerging challenges associated with processing lightweight materials for aerospace

Falcon Active Speed Door

Lasermet’s new Falcon Active Speed Door is a fast industrial, laser-safe, roller shutter door fitted with the firm’s Laser Jailer Active Laser Guarding feature

The vanguard for information on laser technology

We speak to the LIA's executive director, Dr Nathanial Quick, about topics ranging from his early experiences with the organisation to the challenges still hindering the adoption of laser materials processing in industry

Lasermet wins Jaguar Landrover contract

Laser safety firm Lasermet has announced that it has been selected as the supplier of the new laser safety enclosures to be used by Jaguar Land Rover, as part of the firm's UK investment in manufacturing new vehicles.








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