A complex dimple texture applied to the curved flute surface of a drill. (Credit: Lightmotif)

Catering to the customer

Matthew Dale learns about the latest demands being made of laser micromachining technology

LG’s upcoming Signature rollable OLED display will be able to store itself away in its base when not in use thanks to flexible display technology. (Image: LG)

Using lasers to increase display functionality

Gemma Church finds that lasers are playing a crucial role in increasing the functionality of modern displays

This Lasea system uses two processing heads to direct two halves of a more powerful, single ultrafast pulse to the workpiece in order to increase processing throughput.

Wielding the increasing average power of ultrafast lasers

Matthew Dale explores the advantages of increasing the average power of ultrafast lasers, and discovers how this higher power can be delivered to the workpiece

Laser welded ceramic assembly consisting of a transparent cylindrical cap joined to a ceramic tube. Image: Garay et al.

Ultrafast lasers used to weld ceramics without furnace

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have successfully welded ceramics together using an ultrafast laser, a process that usually requires the extreme temperatures of a furnace to achieve.








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