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Webinar: Advances in Laser Tube Processing

As part our increased focus on sheet metal processing in the run-up to EuroBLECH, Laser Systems Europe and Trumpf dive into the world of tube processing. 

Tubes and profiles are used everywhere – from mechanical engineering and system construction all the way to the furniture industry.

Lasers have opened up new design possibilities, so more and more the sheet metal industry is taking advantage of the benefits of laser-cut tubes and profiles. 

Join us on 17 October to learn about some of the latest advances taking place in this exciting application field, as well as some of the newest technologies emerging to address the challenges it presents. Together we will discover all-round solutions for the world of laser tube cutting – in the form of Trumpf's TruLaser Tube series.

This webinar will feature a pre-recorded speaker presentation and in-factory system demonstration, followed by a live Q&A session and discussion between the speaker and the Editor of Laser Systems Europe.

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