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Webinar: Laser welding with beam shaping methods

Join us for this webcast as we discover more about laser-based welding processes from Christian Dini, General Manager at Civan Lasers Europe. 

In the past few years, the fast-growing demand for electrically operated vehicles has surfaced the need for an industry transition toward laser-based welding processes rather than the in-use technologies such as arc-welding, brazing, solid-state welding, etc. The challenges are broad and versatile and concern minimization of parts, difficult-to-weld alloys, dissimilar-material welding, and high-speed welding requirements in applications like powertrain welding, busbar connections, thermal solution, and hairpins to name a few.

However, these challenges are dealt with by conventional lasers system only to a limited extent that has not yet been established for mass production replacements. This, in part, is caused by the fact that conventional laser systems can control a limited set of process parameters, such as power, feed rate, and focus as the main exchangeable parameters, that are insufficient to allow better control of the welding process dynamics.

Civan’s OPA-series dynamic beam lasers precisely target the melt pool dynamic through shape stirring and predesigned power distribution profiles, by which defects such as porosity, spatter, humping, and cracks are avoided. The flexibility of the controlled parameters offered by OPA-series lasers (i.e., type of shape, shape frequency, focus stirring, power distribution profile, etc.) allows for better refine the process parameters for a specific task. This results in better optimization of various welding processes that are of high industrial demands.

Christian Dini
General Manager, Civan Lasers Europe
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