Analysis & opinion

13 January 2022

Bernabé Cárcel, Samuel López, and Rocío Ruiz share how the Rectorans project is addressing ongoing challenges in the transport sector

11 January 2022

Gwenn Pallier, Jannik Lind and Jorge Luis Arias Otero provide an update on the results of the Custodian project

Handheld laser welding systems promise flexibility in processing, but present numerous hazards that must be dealt with before they can be used safely. (Shutterstock/Dizfoto)

10 January 2022

Matthew Dale asks experts whether this emerging application poses any risks to the user

AI is now being used to improve the design of computer chips. (Image: Shutterstock/Connect world)


13 December 2021

At ICALEO 2021 Matthew Dale learned of the numerous ways that AI can optimise laser-based manufacturing

10 December 2021

Mikhail Sokolov, Pasquale Franciosa, and Dariusz Ceglarek of the University of Warwick, describe how new laser technologies can overcome dissimilar material welding challenges

08 December 2021

Lea Sauerwein, Christian Ebenhöh and René Geiger, of Evosys Laser, describe the development of a new optimised polymer welding process

20 October 2021

Eliana Fu, of Trumpf and formerly SpaceX, shares how additive manufacturing can aid humanity’s cosmological journey

Manuel Henn and Matthias Buser are research associates and Volkher Onuseit is the head of the system engineering department at the University of Stuttgart’s Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW)

18 October 2021

Manuel Henn, Matthias Buser and Volkher Onuseit combine additive and subtractive laser processes to unlock new manufacturing possibilities

Andrew May is director of ES Precision

14 October 2021

Andrew May describes ES Precision’s recent investment in new laser technology to unlock exciting application sectors

11 October 2021

Laser Zentrum Hannover’s Rabi Lahdo and Stefan Kaierle describe a process that promises big benefits for heavy industry

06 October 2021

Christian Geiger and Tony Weiss evaluate laser technology readiness for the mass-production of electric vehicles

Joerg Volpp is an associate professor and Adrien da Silva is a PhD student at the Luleå University of Technology.

04 October 2021

Joerg Volpp and Adrien da Silva, at the Luleå University of Technology, investigate beam shaping possibilities for high-power processing