Analysis & opinion

15 June 2020

Anibal Di Luch, of TWI, reports on the development of a robotic platform for the laser processing of large-scale, high-end structures for aircraft

11 June 2020

Dr Paulina Morawska, research associate at Heriot-Watt University, discusses how ultrafast lasers can be used to address the encapsulation challenges of OLEDs

09 June 2020

Christian Knaak and Peter Abels, of Fraunhofer ILT, explain how imaging and machine learning can be used to identify weld imperfections with high accuracy

05 June 2020

Dave MacLellan, executive director of AILU, discusses how UK laser firms have answered the call for manufacturing to aid the fight against Covid-19

12 March 2020

Florent Husson, of Alphanov, describes how large parts can be polished using robotics and high-power lasers

06 March 2020

John Sutter, of Abicor Binzel, discusses how Generation 3 steels perfectly fit the needs of vehicle manufacturers

The benefits of AI and machine learning in laser processing were discussed by a panel of experts at the show

21 February 2020

Power increases across multiple laser technologies are set to bring further benefit to materials processing, Matthew Dale learnt at Photonics West

11 December 2019

Rita Bola, project manager at EWF, describes how digitally integrating the process steps of laser powder bed fusion will help accelerate its adoption in industry

11 December 2019

Jason Woolley, key accounts laser group manager at Abicor Binzel USA, highlights how laser welding is helping make Industry 4.0 a reality

04 December 2019

Dr Srinivas Garimella shares his experience in establishing additive manufacturing as a one of Eaton’s key manufacturing technologies

27 November 2019

Andrew May, director of ES Precision, shares five tips to get the best laser marking results

25 November 2019

At ICALEO 2019, Dr Ruth Sahler, COO at Perfect Lens, highlighted how the current customer service offerings of laser suppliers leave a lot to be desired