Analysis & opinion

Andrew May is director of ES Precision

14 October 2021

Andrew May describes ES Precision’s recent investment in new laser technology to unlock exciting application sectors

11 October 2021

Laser Zentrum Hannover’s Rabi Lahdo and Stefan Kaierle describe a process that promises big benefits for heavy industry

06 October 2021

Christian Geiger and Tony Weiss evaluate laser technology readiness for the mass-production of electric vehicles

Joerg Volpp is an associate professor and Adrien da Silva is a PhD student at the Luleå University of Technology.

04 October 2021

Joerg Volpp and Adrien da Silva, at the Luleå University of Technology, investigate beam shaping possibilities for high-power processing

24 September 2021

Daniel Holder, of the IFSW at the University of Stuttgart, shares how new USP laser technologies could facilitate the rapid micromachining of silicon wafers

22 September 2021

Jennifer Heßmann, Kai Hilgenberg and Marcel Bachmann, of BAM, explain a new joining process that could help reduce the weight of vehicles

(Image: aapsky/Shutterstock)

22 June 2021

Greg Blackman on how titanium laser welding can be used to replace rivet joints in aircraft

Spiral welds can be made at the interface between transparent material and metal to bond the two together. (Image: Heriot-Watt University)

09 June 2021

Matthew Dale learns that ultrafast lasers can now be used to bond transparent materials to metals, unlocking a plethora of applications

24 February 2021

Tim Lantzsch and his colleagues investigate the feasibility of diode lasers for the laser powder bed fusion of stainless steel

24 February 2021

Manyalibo Matthews shares how a deeper understanding of laser powder bed fusion will lead to material innovations and new applications in additive manufacturing

25 January 2021

Frederik Maiwald and Stefan Hierl determine the optimal parameters for welding transparent polymers used in optical and medical devices

11 December 2020

Chao Wei and Lin Li discuss how different material properties could be integrated into single parts using additive manufacturing