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Application Focus: Photonics West

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A look at some of the industrial laser technology on display at Photonics West

PHAROS – Highly controllable laser output for truly bespoke material processing

The PHAROS from Light Conversion is a highly versatile single-unit femtosecond laser system for precision material processing. The PHAROS combines millijoule pulse energies and high average power with a robust mechanical and optical design optimised for industrial environments.

The PHAROS laser beam parameters can be varied to a high degree with the accompanying PC software, allowing complete tailoring of the output beam to the particular material processing application. These tunable parameters include: pulse duration (190 fs – 10 ps), repetition rate (single pulse to 1 MHz), pulse energy (up to 2mJ) and average power (up to 20 W). The femtosecond pulse duration allows for high precision and quality micromachining. The PHAROS has an inbuilt pulse picker function which adds another level of control, producing pulses on demand. The combination of high peak power and pulse energy means it is well equipped for a wide range of material processing challenges.

Feature-rich Touch Screen Laser Power/Energy Meter

Centauri is the most feature rich desktop laser power/energy meter on the market. Just plug in one of the many Ophir sensors and get a whole measurement of laboratory at your fingertips. The bright, large colour display gives unparalleled legibility and ease of interpreting information. It can easily be used in dark room conditions or when wearing safety goggles. Centauri has many on board features such as laser tuning, data logging, graphing, normalize, power or energy density attenuation scaling, max and min limits. It can be either operated by a battery or an included wall plug power supply. The Centauri’s dual channel capabilities enable the user to simply plug in any of Ophir’s thermal, pyroelectric or photodiode sensors and measure the two channels independently or in comparison to each other.

Newson NV: CUA32 control card

Probably the highest value 6-axis controller in the world

Newson NV Moving Optics

  • 6-axis numerical control system
  • Steers up to 3 Smart Laser DeflectorsTM and up to 3 stepper drivers
  • Full 3D hybrid marketing support
  • Controls up to 17 digital and 4 analog IO’s
  • Direct AC (110 – 240 V) power connection
  • Up to 8 systems can be interconnected as master/slave
  • USB and Ethernet for host connection
  • Ethernet, CAN and UART for system integration
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Modular internal construction for easy customization
  • Application interface through G-code or DLL
  • Configuration software for activation of advanced features