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April technology roundup

Laser technology

Laser Systems Europe examines some of the latest technologies for industrial laser systems users to hit the market this month

Featured optics product: LBP Optics 

High-quality gold-coated copper optical mirrors

With a unique range of standard and bespoke sizes, LBP Optics’ gold coated copper mirrors are ideally suited for infrared applications from 1-300 microns wavelength. These include high power laser cutting, dental, medical, gas sensing and THz imaging.

The mirrors are designed to be tough and durable, with excellent, consistent reflectivity in the infrared and visible. Find out more about high-quality gold-coated copper optical mirrors at the LBP Optics website.

LBP Optics high quality gold-coated copper optical mirrors

Featured cutting, laser and medical product: Aerotech 

Automation1 motion control platform, Release 2.4

The software developers from Aerotech have announced the latest release of the Automation1 motion control platform. With Release 2.4, the API support of Python API has passed the beta test phase and is now fully available for all users. 

The machine setup, the data visualisation and the Homing help module have also been improved. In addition, the uploading and downloading of MCD files has been simplified for users. Find out more about Release 2.4 of Aerotech’s Automation1 motion control platform at the company’s website.

Aerotech Automation1 motion control platform, Release 2.4


Other products for industrial laser systems users on the market now

Laser Research Optics has introduced a range of sapphire laser debris shields for use on high power lasers. The sapphire cover glass is designed to prevent the laser’s optical components from damage caused by slag and spatter and to be more robust than fused silica debris shields. They could reduce the number of required lens changes on lasers from 4kW and above and extend their service life.

New from Dimensionics Density is a commercial density determination technology for additive manufacturing which contributes to the automation of the additive manufacturing process chain. It is a metrological system that was designed for the rapid and highly accurate density determination of components, in particular for analysing additive manufacturing-produced parts. Accuracy is achieved by combining the Archimedean principle with the latest automation technology and laboratory-standard precision scales.

Solukon has equipped its SFM-AT1000-S de-powdering system for additive manufacturing with an optimised swivel arm for parts manufactured with the NXG XII 600 twelve-laser 3D printer from SLM Solutions. An optional front-top-loading feature makes it easier to handle parts, while a reinforced body and high torque means that it can safely and easily de-powder parts weighing up to 800kg.

Lead image credit: Shutterstock/Parilov

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