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BLM group releases Lasertube LT12 fibre laser cutting system

BLM Groupt LT12

BLM Group has introduced the new Lasertube LT12 fibre laser cutting system for tubes and metal profiles. The system is capable of cutting tubes from 25 to 305mm in diameter, the processing range for fibre cutting that was previously missing from the company's machine portfolio. 

The LT12 can be equipped with different laser powers and is capable of processing tubes up to 62kg/m. The structure is configured with a mandrel at the tail and a steady rest that supports the tube being cut. The interpenetration feature, where the mandrel enters the steady rest to cut the end of the bar, achieves minimal waste. 

As with all BLM Group's Lasertube machines, the tube is supported throughout the processing line providing precise and fast laser cutting on both small-diameter tubes and long, heavy tubes, while maintaining speed and precision over the range of processable diameters.

This is a flexible system that caters to multiple sectors but is of particular interest to those industries where it is common to find open and closed profiles that can be up to 305mm in diameter.

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