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Bystronic 3015 30kW laser system cuts 50mm metal sheets

Brystronic 3015

The new ByCut Star 3015 from Bystronic has the same features as its ByCut Star 4020 in that it cuts sheet metal up to 3 x 1.5 metres, but with power of up to 30 kilowatts

This results in higher cutting quality, greater production flexibility, and productivity.

The technological leap from the previously available 3-to-20-kilowatt levels to the new 30-kilowatt level is considerable, and it opens up new possibilities for optimising production. 

Cutting thicknesses up 50 millimetres is now possible, and for thickness from 15mm the piercing times are also shorter.

The 3015 is also features the latest smart features. The Intelligent Cutting Process (ICP), the Nozzle Control Tool (NCT) with KerfScan, and the Parameter Wizard elevate the entire cutting process to a new level and ensure smooth functioning, guaranteeing optimal use and improvements to production time without downtime.

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