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Bystronic expands ByCut Smart line with large 6225 format

The ByCut Smart 6225 from Bystronic optimises sheet metal utilisation thanks to its larger format, up to 10 kilowatts of laser power, and BeamShaper option.

Large-format laser cutting systems enable users to stand out against their competitors without huge financial expenditures. This is why Bystronic expanded its ByCut Smart product line with the 6225 format in a new design. The machine can be equipped with the Fiber 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000, or 10000 laser sources, depending on the user’s requirements.

Less waste thanks to intelligent nesting

Thanks to the new large format, metal sheets on the ByCut Smart can be processed with a length of up to 6.2 meters and a width of 2.5 meters. On the one hand, this increases the machine’s productivity, because large metal sheets allow the cut parts to be nested more efficiently. On the other hand, this also significantly reduces undesirable raw material offcuts thanks to a high degree of material utilization.

The BySoft CAM process software supports users in this process with intelligent nesting procedures.

Wide range of cutting applications

In addition, the new format increases the variety of cutting applications on the ByCut Smart. If required, large-format metal sheets allow large parts to be cut in addition to diverse small parts, without requiring the machine to interrupt the laser cutting process. This provides an additional competitive advantage that laser cutting systems in the common standard formats cannot offer.

Large format range for every need

In addition to cutting applications with extra-large metal sheets, it is also possible to process smaller sheets by lining them up on the ByCut Smart’s long cutting table. Users can simply prepare sufficient raw material, in order to subsequently allow the fiber laser cutting system to cut without interruptions for a longer period of time.

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