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Coherent releases laser heads for electric vehicle manufacturing


Coherent Corp has released the PH20 SmartWeld+ laser processing heads for electric vehicle manufacturing applications.

The PH20 SmartWeld+ offers up to 6kW of power, enabling precise control of penetration depth, the firm says, even for long weld seams such as those found in individual battery cells. 

The PH20 SmartWeld+ can be used with single-mode fibre lasers of up to 2.5kW, and with adjustable ring-mode laser sources, and can be paired with several lasers from Coherent, including the HighLight FL CSM ARM, the HighLight FL SM, and the PowerLine FL 1000/1500.

The PH20 SmartWeld+ comes with process control peripherals including a camera and the widely deployed SmartSense+, a process weld monitoring tool developed in-house. Weld shape and energy distribution programming are simplified with new software functions to enable the welding of copper, aluminium, or dissimilar material combinations.

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