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Jenoptik adds laser processing to stamp industry inspection system

LCLW inspection system Jenoptik

Jenoptik’s PSS-40/LCLW inspection and sorting station enables automated optical inspection of punched strips as well as uninterrupted removal of defective parts in just one system thanks to cameras, software analysis and lasers. 

The company has further developed its PSS-40 standard inspection cell, which is already established on the market, and integrated fully automated laser cutting and laser welding into the inspection station.

Customers in the stamp industry can thus inspect strip goods without interruption or sort out rejected parts efficiently and fully automatically. In its compact, space-saving design, the new PSS-40/LCLW also reduces interruption times in the die cutting shop as well as the changeover times when changing articles.

The integrated laser processing in the PSS-40/LCLW replaces these manual or semi-automatic process steps and enables uninterrupted stamping. This is because the marked bad part is cut out by laser cutting without wear within the inspection station. The then loose ends of the punched carrier strip are also brought together with high precision within the PSS unit and reconnected by laser welding. 

Thanks to the flexibly adjustable laser beam and the free beam guidance, even component positions that are difficult to access can be reached. The welding result is verified by a fully automatic tensile test. The welded punched strip has a very high strength.

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