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June technology roundup

Laser systems technology

Laser systems technology

Laser Systems Europe examines some of the latest technologies for industrial laser systems users to hit the market this month

Featured optics product: LBP Optics 

High-quality gold-coated copper optical mirrors

With a unique range of standard and bespoke sizes, LBP Optics’ gold coated copper mirrors are ideally suited for infrared applications from 1-300 microns wavelength. These include high power laser cutting, dental, medical, gas sensing and THz imaging.

The mirrors are designed to be tough and durable, with excellent, consistent reflectivity in the infrared and visible. Find out more about high-quality gold-coated copper optical mirrors at the LBP Optics website.

LBP Optics high-quality gold-coated copper optical mirrors

Featured laser safety product: Lasermet

The ICS-9 Certified Dual-Channel Laser Interlock Controller

The ICS-9 can control laser interlocks, magnetic door locks, LED warning signs and shutters. It enables the laser by controlling the laser safety input. It has full start-to-end dual channel architecture and fault detection to meet the latest safety standards to a much higher level than single channel systems. The ICS-9 is certified by TÜV SÜD.

Find out more about the ICS-9 certified dual-channel laser interlock controller by visiting the company's website.



Other products for industrial laser systems users on the market now

Laser Photonics Corporation recently released a laser scan head that was manufactured using metal 3D printing techniques. The laser scan head features internal cooling ports housed in an aluminium structure, which the firm says makes it lighter and more compact than alternatives on the market.

Nuburu introduced a new laser, the BL-1000-F, which it claims is the first 1kW blue laser with high enough brightness to work effectively with high-speed 2D galvo scanning heads. It is ideally suited for applications in the mass production of batteries, smartphones and other consumer electronics

Now available from Trumpf is an AI solution for industrial laser welding. The firm says that the solution shows potential for a variety of welding applications, for example in electric vehicle manufacturing. 

ULT has launched an extraction and filtration system for air pollution control in laser processes. The LAS 260.1 is based on specially developed filter modules that give it a long service life, the firm says, and guarantees safety for staff, machinery and products. 

Laser Research Optics has released a line of OEM-compatible CO2 laser lenses optimised for engraving that it says fit almost all popular crystal etching lasers to replace worn lenses in the field.

Coherent has released a number of new products, including the PowerLine FL series of fibre laser subsystems for precision welding and cutting; the Matrix nanosecond pulsed UV lasers for high-contrast marking applications; the PH20 SmartWeld+ laser processing heads for electric vehicle manufacturing applications; new adjustable ring mode (ARM) lasers for deep welding applications, which fall under its HighLight FL‑ARM laser series; and the Pavos kW Ultra optical isolator, designed to withstand up to 1kW of power, for applications involving high-energy ultrashort-pulse (USP) lasers.


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