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KENTEK MULTIWAVE™ EYEWEAR With High VLT For Femtosecond Protection

KXL-C505C-CE Femtosecond Laser Safety Eyewear

For eye protection in environments with ultrafast laser energy, femtosecond applications, and high-power fiber lasers, we recommend laser safety eyewear with MULTIWAVE™ glass filters. Our coated MULTIWAVE™ mineral glass eyewear filters are known for maximum laser safety and wavelength attenuation, optical perfection, mineral glass quality, excellent color recognition, high light transmission, and reliability.

MULTIWAVE+™ lenses are more durable than lenses with a glass base, presenting a solution for
ultrafast lasers with high peak fluences.

Choose from a variety of laser safety eyewear frames designed with style for comfort and safety.

Example: KXL-C505C-CE Femtosecond Laser Safety Eyewear

Our KXL frame is a large over-the-Rx spectacle, pink in color, with adjustable wire core temples.

Discover our Femtosecond-Laser-Eyewear Solutions

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