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Laser Photonics' handheld laser system cleans heat-sensitive materials

Laser Photonics CleanTech

Another handheld system in Laser Photonics' CleanTech line, the LPC-300-CTHD (image: Laser Photonics)

The LPC-500-CTHD is designed to remove rust, coatings and almost anything else from a wide variety of surfaces. The new 500W air-cooled pulse system can achieve a 70ft2 (0.65m2) per hour strip rate and can quickly clean sensitive materials that are prone to heat damage. 

Laser Photonics' CleanTech systems provide superior cleaning results while being safer and more eco-friendly than traditional abrasive cleaning methods. 

One distinguishing benefit of this system over other CleanTech products is that it can remove corrosion and contaminants without the need for as much heat.

This opens doors for industry professionals previously unable to use laser cleaning technology because of warping or other types of heat damage that could damage heat-sensitive materials and components.

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