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Laser World of Photonics: Laserline increases blue laser power to 4kW

Laserline 4kW laser

Laserline's blue lasers are well-suited to processing copper components used in e-mobility manufacturing, such as hairpin welding

At this year’s Laser World of Photonics, Laserline is showcasing a further increase in the power of its blue lasers to 4kW.

The increase in power will enable significantly more energy-efficient and faster processes in both the welding and additive manufacturing of copper components.

Copper exhibits particularly higher absorption (around five-times more) in the blue wavelength compared to the infrared wavelength of standard fibre lasers, an advantage that makes blue lasers particularly attractive for e-mobility production. They can be used to achieve almost perfect melt pools without pores.

The new 4kW LDM Blue laser has been primarily designed for the additive manufacturing of copper components, and represents the highest power class of industrial lasers currently available in the blue wavelength.  

"We can weld copper with [the 4kW LDM Blue laser] and it's almost pore-free with no spatter, so we can work very efficiently and save resources," Ilona Rusyaeva, Content Marketing Manager at Laserline told Laser Systems Europe. 

Laserline has also advanced the manufacturing processes of its blue lasers, enabling it to both increase production while permanently lowering the market price, which it says should make the use of blue lasers even more attractive to industry. 

In addition to the 4kW system, a new 200W pulsed blue diode laser for semiconductor applications is also on display as a prototype at the firm’s booth, demonstrating that the range of applications it serves with its blue laser is continuously expanding.

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