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Laser World of Photonics: Trumpf unveils optics for automated welding


The new dual PFO is designed for processing large components such as welding hairpin stators on electric motors (Image: Trumpf)

Trumpf is presenting a new dual optics solution at Laser World of Photonics in Munich, which it says reduces cycle times in automated welding by up to 30%.

The solution – a dual PFO – is designed for welding the hairpins of electric motors. This type of welding must always be of consistently high quality, Trumpf says, or the electric motors will be defective. Since the hairpins are very fine, the welding process can be demanding.

A PFO normally measures a component's position first before starting the welding process. Unlike a typical PFO, however, the Dual PFO measures and welds in parallel. 

Trumpf says its Dual PFO has twice the working field of a normal PFO, adding that the solution is therefore suitable for processing large components such as electric motors. Users can weld these with the Dual PFO without moving the workpiece or the focusing optics. 

"The solution ideally complements our laser system technology and is suitable for many applications, for example in electromobility," said Matthias Beranek, Automotive Industry Manager at Trumpf. 

Beranek adds: "Users save a lot of time and money in their production unit as a result. The dual optics can also be combined with our new image processing, which is based on artificial intelligence. This increases the productivity of the Dual PFO even further.

"The system is versatile and is also suitable for other large components, such as batteries for e-cars." 

Trumpf can be found at Laser World of Photonics in hall A3, booth 341.

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