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Manoeuvrable system to 'redefine' laser welding fume extraction

Fume extractor

Filtrabox has introduced the Weld-R Laser Fume Extractor, offering high manoeuvrability and exceptional airflow in welding environments.

While laser welding offers exceptional precision, speed and flexibility, the process releases harmful fumes consisting of microscopic particles of metals, metallic oxides, silicates, and fluorides that can pose serious health and environmental risks. 

Depending on the materials being welded, fumes can contain elements including iron, chromium, zinc, cadmium, nickel, manganese, molybdenum, and more.

Safety systems such as the new Weld-R Laser Fume Extractor are engineered to remove such harmful particulates from the air in a welding environment, allowing workers to enter the vicinity without risk of being exposed to them.

The design of the Weld R Laser Fume Extractor aims to achieve three core objectives, according to Filtrabox:

Efficient ultrafine particle removal: the system is equipped with Filtrabox's H14 HEPA filter and F9 pre-filter, each delivering exceptional performance. The HEPA filter in particular offers tested efficiency of 99.999% @ 0.3 microns, ensuring the removal of even the most minuscule and hazardous particles from the air.

Enhanced manoeuvrability: Traditional extraction arms often hinder welders' efficiency by restricting movement and requiring constant adjustment. Weld-R's lightweight arm and advanced hood-rotator articulation empower welding professionals to transition smoothly and quickly, optimising fume capture without compromising productivity.

Maximum airflow for optimal capture velocity: Airflow velocity is a crucial factor in effective fume extraction. Unlike other solutions that sacrifice airflow by using smaller ducting, Weld-R incorporates a class-leading 8” diameter duct, coupled with a unique arm design that eliminates obstructions in the airflow path. This design maximises airflow and creates a larger capture zone, ensuring efficient fume removal from a practical distance.

Filtrabox’s laser fume extractors are deployed by a diverse range of users around the world, from major manufacturing tech giants to small-scale home businesses. 

“As laser welding gains prominence in various industries, the Weld-R Laser Fume Extractor stands ready to meet the unique demands of this cutting-edge process,” the firm said in its announcement of the new system. "With its focus on safety, efficiency, and maneuverability, Weld-R is set to redefine the landscape of laser welding fume extraction."

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