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Portable barriers offer space-saving safety solution

Portable Safety Barriers

The Service-Right and 5M Flex-Guard portable laser safety barriers, offered by Laser Components, are designed with transport and space savings as a key requirement.  

When a laser curtain system is too big or bulky for an application, portable barriers can be a great alternative.  Due to their light weight, they can be easily used alone or as a partition wall.  

The Service-Right compact laser barriers are designed with mobility in mind. When dismantled they fit into a bag and can easily be carried or stored, and include all the laser safety features expected in a full-size barrier, but adapted into a portable one. Weighing only 12kg and featuring three individual 3ft (914mm) wide x 6.5ft (1981mm) panels, the barrier’s panels can stand alone or attach to form a specific layout.  A clean room version is available in black Flex-Guard material. 

The 5M Flex-Guard laser barriers are designed for portability and quick assembly. They are provided with a single panel design and when fully assembled the barriers measure 7ft (2,134mm) high and 4ft (1,219mm) or 6ft (1,829mm) wide and ship in convenient, cost saving, packaging.  When not in use, the barriers can be disassembled and easily stored, and reassembled in less than 5 minutes. 

Both portable barriers are certified to CE 12254:2010 and EN60825-4 and ANSI Z136 rated 250W/cm2 for 100 seconds.

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