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Raylase launches Scan-Field-Calibrator for additive manufacturing


Raylase is expanding its portfolio for the AM market with the new multi-field functionality of the Scan-Field-Calibrator (SFC).

The system gives users the option of calibrating not only individual deflection units, but also entire multi-head systems quickly and precisely. It measures the scan field fully automatically and creates optimised correction files for the deflection unit in the xy and z directions. 

The SFC offers an average correction accuracy in the process field of ±15μm, comparable to that of a coordinate measuring machine. The complete calibration process is performed via a user interface with just a few clicks. This avoids a media break and thus reduces possible sources of error.

Included in its features is the multi-field option, which allows the SFC software to calibrate several AM modules simultaneously in a single measurement process, while at the same time ensuring accurate and consistent alignment of adjacent scan systems in the overlap area. This makes even the regular calibration of multi-head systems in AM production a convenient routine.

In addition to individual calibration, the precise alignment of the deflection units to each other is also crucial in a multi-head system. For this reason, Raylase has developed a simple and safe process that allows quick and easy calibration of multi-head systems.

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